Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sadie Morgan, key speaker at Wood Summit Småland, about The Architecture of Necessity:

-Sustainability addressed through social, economic and environmental issues.
 Sadie Morgan, founding Director of dRMM, key speaker at WOOD SUMMIT Småland 26-27 June and also a member of the jury for Architecture of Necessity:
What have you found among the contributions to the triennial Architecture of Necessity?  The best projects have been condensed into the absolute essentials, regardless of scale, typology or budget. Projects that respond to the changing social and economical environment with inventiveness and joy, that engender pride within their community and respond to the needs of the user. Sustainability addressed through social, economic and environmental issues.
What do you see as the main challenges for the Architecture of Necessity?  The main challenges are to make sure that the invention and skills of those designing the 'Architecture for Necessity' become embedded in the mainstream. There are still not enough clients, users and enablers taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of those at the forefront of architectural and engineering innovation in timber.
At WOOD SUMMIT SMÅLAND is architecture and the system change the major theme. What will you focus on as a key speaker?  As a practice, dRMM have deployed various innovative structural timber systems for a range of innovative private and public projects since 1995. The lecture presents a case for engineered timber becoming one of the key construction materials of the 21 century, positioning dRMM's contemporary timber projects within an European tradition for the inventive use of wood as the world's oldest, and most modern, construction material.

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