Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Virserum Art Museum is looking for examples of –wood architecture of the future –the world’s premier wood architecture

Over the past year the expression “the bio-based society” has grown in use. The notion that the future has to be frugal with resources and bio-based is not difficult to agree with. But what will it look like? We must create visions and future scenarios beyond the status quo. Our survival will depend upon a paradigm shift. When we create visions of the sustainable society we increase our knowledge, whilst raising questions that we have to begin to address. Once we seek answers, the future will commence. It is product development for a sustainable society. Science, design and communication in one.
The Architecture of Necessity extends deadline!
WOOD 2013 is Northern Europe’s biggest exhibition on wood and sustainability. Entries are currently being accepted for the Architecture of Necessity, an international triennial for sustainable society building. Due to increased demand, the deadline for submitting material has been extended to 22 March 2013.

We need more examples of the world’s premier wood architecture!
Alongside the Architecture of Necessity, the exhibition will present cutting edge wood architecture from across the world. Virserum Art Museum will accept all entries for large and small projects that stand out from the crowd. We are especially interested in a dynamic relationship between construction and design.

We need more examples of the wood architecture of the future – organic high tech and the bio-based society
What form will a wooden house take in forty years’ time, when raw materials are scarce? We aim to present ideas, play, research and ambitious attempts in the field of organic high tech. Wood as an engineering material will get a new meaning in the future, beyond the cut off and pruned fibres. The industrial and scientific epoch that began in the 19th century – the age of mechanics – is now being replaced by a new era where ideas as well as control facilities allow for the organic growth of resources in a way we’ve never experienced before. We are looking for examples of biomimetics, cultured architectural details, houses without metal, bio-based construction and community building, intelligent production processes, buildings cast in fibre, bio-composites, how bio-materials will replace non-renewable resources in all aspects of society, and so on and so forth.
Carolina Jonsson, Assistant producer, carolina@virserumskonsthall.com, 0046 495 315 36
Madelene Karlsson, Project secretary, madelene@virserumskonsthall.com, 0046 495 315 37

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