Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sweden’s biggest wood products company Setra joins WOOD 2013 as a gold partner.

–Separate worlds become stronger when creating together. 

Sweden’s biggest wood products company Setra joins WOOD 2013 as a gold partner. Olle Berg is their Market and Business Development Director:

Why is Setra supporting WOOD 2013? Good practices should be continued. Few organisations are as capable of communicating the possibilities of wood for a sustainable society as Virserum Art Museum. The Art Museum links sustainability with architecture and the technical challenges of construction. It’s about the development of ideas. Separate worlds become stronger when creating together. We want to take part in that process. 

What is of special importance to Setra? We do not only saw and process timber. We produce glue-laminates and operate two factories for industrial house production via our daughter company Plusshus. Naturally we wish to highlight the possibilities of industrial construction. More homes need to be built and they have to be affordable.

What importance can wood have for architecture? I am not convinced that all architects and developers have grasped the inherent possibilities of wood. It’s a long-term sustainable material in more ways than one. Consider glue-laminates, for example — I believe the exhibition on the world’s premier wood architecture at WOOD 2013 will be a great source of inspiration. Design and construction will also meet during the glue-laminate challenge, where students from across Scandinavia create buildings using this material on and around the Art Museum grounds.

What challenges are we facing? The international financial crisis has hit the wood products industry extremely hard. But it has also forced us to be open to new possibilities. We need to keep developing the industry and our products. Our initiative to join as a gold partner is part of this process. And last but not least, Sweden will have to start building enough homes to house all our citizens, young and old!

For further information, please contact:
Lotta Löwhagen Lundberg, 0046 8 705 03 17 eller 0046 70 654 13 44, lotta.lowhagen.lundberg@setragroup.com


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