Friday, February 1, 2013

Architectural Association of Kenya supports the triennal

-We owe it to ourselves.

Executive Officer Jacob W. Mwangi and Emma Miloyo, a Kenyan architect, plan to join the presentation of the awarded projects at Wood Summit Smaland, 26 to 27 June 2013.

Why do you choose to support the international work with the Architecture of Necessity triennal? We as the AAK feel the Architecture of Necessity’s vision of practical, sustainable solutions to meet human needs is quite apt and timely. By supporting this initiative and sharing it with our members, the AAK will be working to achieve a more sustainable built environment in our region.

How do we reach a sustainable world by architecture and community planning? Architecture is a very crucial part  in the entire blueprint of achieving a sustainable world. Architecture and planning creates the framework and skeleton on which everyday life runs. If this framework is sustainable, then it has a great impact on the goal of a sustainable world, it is an important first step.

What part of the manifesto Architecture of Necessity is the most immediate to you right now? SUSTAINABLE. If our built environment is sustainable, then the rest i.e. Responsible, Diligent, Just and Open all inevitably fall into place. Sustainability is all encompassing.

What inspires you in your aim for a sustainable future? The fact that we have to preserve our world  for ourselves and for future generations. What if previous generations had not managed resources responsibly, what quality of life would we have? We owe it to ourselves.

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