Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AIX Architects new partner: –We must turn cultural differences to our advantage!

AIX Architects already participated in WOOD 2010. Now they have become a partner to help Virserum Art Museum’s work with the Architecture of Necessity. Magnus Silfverhielm is an architect at AIX, a professor at Linnaeus University and a recognised profile:

What is the current state of Swedish architecture?
As architects we have great freedom in terms of the idea phase, but the end result is nevertheless dependent on the contractor and legislation. The construction industry works like a medieval guild. The small homes industry is bleeding. We need a significant readjustment. The choice and development of materials is one area where architects can exercise some influence. Biomass development is advancing fast and may play a big part in the path towards a sustainable architecture.

Can social planning stop segregation? 
We have to turn cultural differences to our advantage. Rococo, renaissance and new modernism have shown how the world is reflected in Swedish design. Our surroundings can generate creativity, but only as long as we allow for it. The home acts as a reflection of society. According to the UN Charter, a home is a social right. In spite of this, homes have become financial instruments. High property prices in urban areas coupled with differentiating local legislature create big obstacles for working architects. All solutions are location-specific. Architects are the obedient tools of contemporary society. We act according to the stipulations of the powers that be.

How can Swedish cities meet the requirements demanded by the Architecture of Necessity? Densification and efficiency must be a priority. Building a bathroom requires the input of eight different occupations over 17 different stages of construction. Were all of this to take place in factory it would entail a quicker, safer and more coordinated process. There is hope for the Swedish small homes industry, but only if change occurs.

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