Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chinese Architectural Journal new mediapartner

-New concepts and old traditions!

The Chinese magazine Architectural Journal, has chosen to support the triennial Architecture of Necessity as media partner. Jingyu Li, Architectural Journal Editorial Office:

Why do you choose to support the international work with the Architecture of Necessity triennial?  The purpose of the triennial's activity and the content of this competition is aligned with the development of the concept "sustainability". It is highly valued by the journal as well as by China as a whole. The Chinese are continuously committed to introducing new architectural concepts to their own traditions. It's our duty to be dedicated to, and concerned with, the trends of international architecture development.

How do we achieve a sustainable world through architecture and community planning? Construction, community innovation and transformation should be made without the use of artificial materials. That would stop the increase of both carbon and other harmful substance emissions and urban run-off. Ultimately, the harmonious co-existence of man and nature could be achieved.

What aspect of the Architecture of Necessity manifesto is the most immediate to you right now? With China's rapid economic development during the last 30 years, a large amount of construction work has been carried out. However, problems with the construction quality has resulted in a great deal of waste. For example, the pursuit of form and design in public buildings has led to a neglect of the importance of practicability and economic responsibility. Considering this, Architecture Journal thinks that "Responsible" is the most immediate aspect of the manifesto for China.

What inspires you to aim for a sustainable world? When the harmonious relationship between Chinese classical cities and nature is compared with the current gradual deterioration of the urban environment, we know that efforts are needed in order to change our lifestyle.