Monday, May 7, 2012

Honorary Mentions

The winning entries for the 2010 Architecture of Necessity honorary mentions were announced during a seminar at Virserum Art Museum in April this year. The seminar was attended by members of the jury and representatives of the successful architectural firms.

The projects were carefully selected by an international jury chaired by Claes Caldenby, Professor of Architecture at Chalmers Technical University in Sweden.
Caldenby opened the seminar by describing the process and thoughts behind the formulation of the manifesto, before introducing one of the winning teams, Norwegian TYIN tegnestue Architects. This was followed by a presentation by Malte Reimer from German architecture firm Kaden Klingbeil, who spoke about their project “e3” and the development of their firm. (Part 2) Finally, Oliver Thill from Dutch architecture firm Atelier Kempe Thill talked about their project “Hip House” and various forms of social housing. (Part 3)

PART 1 - Architecture of Necessity and honorary mentions

PART 2 - TYIN tegnestue "Butterfly Houses" and Kaden Klingbeil "e3"

PART 3 - Atelier Kempe Thill "Hip House"

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